APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: Please submit a resume, cover letter, and work samples in both Excel and PowerPoint. Be sure to remove any confidential or identifying information from the work samples. Please send your application materials to Jobs@YAnalytics.org. Write in the subject line: “Last Name, First Name – Associate Application”.



Y Analytics' mission is to increase the amount and effectiveness of capital allocation for the greater good, as described in the UN SDGs, by increasing trust in the social and environmental impact achieved by that capital.

Y Analytics was launched in parallel to The Rise Fund and founded in partnership with TPG/Rise. Our rigorous approach to impact assessment and management draws on evidentiary academic and economic research, enabling greater use of evidence in capital allocation decision making and impact valuation. We conduct impact assessments on behalf of The Rise Fund platform ($4 billion under management) and have also worked with other types of capital and capital allocators (e.g., private equity, catalytic capital, corporations).

Y Analytics is also responsible for the sustainability/ESG mandate across TPG Global. Our team engages with TPG platforms, portfolio companies, and LPs to understand and mitigate financially-material ESG risks, to assess companies’ ESG performance and set development targets and strategies, and to help create measurable value through ESG performance improvement.

As we continue to grow, we are leveraging our capabilities in new and innovative ways and sharing our learnings with the broader investment and research communities.



The Associate will support Y Analytics’ ESG and impact assessments, data analysis and content development. Their primary responsibilities will include:

  • Conducting ESG- and impact-related diligence of potential investments and portfolio companies, across TPG investment platforms. ESG/impact assessments are integral to TPG’s investment and portfolio management processes. This work requires a combination of desk research and data analysis to assess the risk, performance, and impact of a live target company through an environmental, social and governance lens. An inquisitive mindset, self-direction, and pragmatic client service orientation are assets given the rigor and turnaround times of private equity deal flow.
  • Analyzing impact, operational, and financial data to baseline, benchmark, and enhance performance across the TPG portfolio. The Associate will be key to generating insights on portfolio companies’ ESG and impact performance, along with risks/mitigations and performance improvement opportunities. Types of analysis include quantitative diagnostics of portfolio companies during onboarding and periodically during holding, and market research and benchmark development to understand the ESG performance of an investment target or portfolio company's competitor set.
  • Other research and content development as needed. Examples of possible additional responsibilities include:
    • Supporting data collection and data management for TPG’s carbon footprinting and emissions reduction strategy
    • Interrogating academic research to help quantify a company’s impact potential
    • Conducting deep dives and analysis related to a particular sector or research theme
    • Summarizing the latest research and building informational toolkits on key ESG topics
    • Integrating ESG datasets and developing a robust internal database



Required Qualifications

  • Approximately 2 years of experience in consulting, financial services, research and analytics, or ESG/impact focused professional services
  • Commitment to Y Analytics’ mission to improve the future of humanity and our planet through effective capital allocation for the greater good
  • Strong sense of ownership and self-direction: must be able to drive work forward independently, self-guide research and lines of inquiry for diligence efforts, and deliver high quality, highly polished outputs
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication: must be able to synthesize findings from research and data analysis in presentations and written documents, and communicate these to senior business leaders
  • Exceptional quantitative analytics capabilities: must be able to quickly and accurately analyze company and third-party data and generate practical insights
  • Highly collaborative: must be a strong team player who is effective in a teamwork-heavy, cross-functional environment
  • Must be authorized to work in the U.S.
  • International experience, including exposure to developing countries, is a plus

Other Desirable Characteristics

  • Positive and solutions-oriented attitude, with a drive for excellence
  • Entrepreneurial nature; should be comfortable taking initiative to build beyond what is called for in a narrow action plan
  • Commitment to fairness, ethical behavior, and listening to / valuing others’ opinions
  • Awareness of and sensitivity to cultural differences; values diversity and its importance to an organization’s performance
  • Sense of humility and humor